Bronx Fashion Week Presents ”The Essence of Beauty”

Bronx Fashion Week Presents ”The Essence of Beauty”

It isn’t every day you get a look behind the scenes at the world of fashion photographers who work tirelessly to bring art to life. Not only are the photos extraordinarily beautiful, the photographers through their art allow us a glimpse into a world that the human eye can rarely perceive. In 2013 Bronx Fashion Week started a photography project in which we would photograph high fashion models throughout the Bronx showcasing these beautiful landmarks and historical buildings.

In 2015, No Longer Empty took over the historical landmark Bronx Borough Courthouse which is also known as the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse and presented, ‘’When You Cut into the Present the Future Leaks Out’’ where on May 9th, we presented an evening filled with art & networking while showcasing one of a kind fashion creations.

Take a look at some of their work at The Bronx County Courthouse where ‘’The Essence of Beauty’’ came to life.

Dedicated to all of the photographers making our world a ‘’Pretty Place’’. Welcome to Bronx Fashion

Official Bronx Fashion Week Photographer Catherine Fonseca, Photographing and telling stories through pictures has been an amazing journey for this Award Winning Photo Journalist. Her pictures educate, motivate, inspire, and stir the viewer’s emotion as if they had been there.

Official Bronx Fashion Week Photographer Lauren Click is a self-taught photographer from Missouri currently residing in NYC. She explores the extraordinary and unusual spaces created and brings art to photography. Her work, simply put is beautiful and arresting.

Designer Eyewear, Metro-Optics, Thank you to Metro Optics for being one of the first Sponsors for Bronx Fashion Week, They have been providing the finest in vision care and eyewear to the Bronx Community for more than 35 years.

Fashion Designer Francoise Desmangles, a New York-based designer who creates high quality, ready-to-wear and evening fashion. Her designs captivate the essence of a woman making her feel unique and special in her own way.

Fashion Director for Bronx Fashion Week Designer Miroslava, Aval & Co, Entrepreneur, Reality Star Actress has appeared on the reality TV series Mob Wives, author of the upcoming book ‘’The Bartender Diaries’’. She is building her own empire one stitch at a time.

Bronx Fashion Week Makeup Coordinator Carly Caban grew up in NYC and at a very young age became interested in anything related to beauty and fashion. Check out her work at

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