About BxFW

BFW-photo-shoot-Aval-4.27The Bronx

The birthplace of Hip Hop, Salsa, fashion designers such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, legendary style icons like Jennifer Lopez and the late Lauren Bacall, a major influencer in global urban fashion, is now the home of Bronx Fashion Week.

Bronx Fashion Week is a celebration of brand, originality, and style, offering distinguished and different styles to the fashion industry bringing together the creative vision of Entrepreneur Flora Montes.

Given The Bronx’s global contribution to the many facets of the fashion industry, it is only appropriate that we have set out this venture to not only celebrate the past history of the borough’s place in the industry but to continue making history and looking towards the future.

Bronx Fashion Week’s team has proven its ability to embrace culture, art and talent while allowing the artist, model and fashion designers to shine. We will continue to provide an excellent platform for these groups as well as emerging talent to showcase their creativity to a diversified audience in the Borough of The Bronx.